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Samar Hadegy's expectations from summer-peacecamp 2005

when my teacher told me about the trip I was very excited .
I always heard
about astria and about it's wounderful landscapes and
people ,I want to go
there to see for my self. landscapes and pepple,I want to go
there to see
for my self. one more thing, I hope that I could improve my
english in this
trip because we all will be talking in english. I'm looking
forward to
meetivg new people and making new friendships.
in this trip I plane to make good impression by becoming a
good well
impassedor on behalf of my country.
of course our teachers will a company us,they are good
teachers and I expect
them to look after us all the time and be very helpful.
finally,I want this project to successed ,and for me,to have
a lot of fun
and make alot of new friends.

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rola daief 's expectations from summer peacecamp 2005
Rola1- My expectations in this encounter are - I expecte in this encounter to
be successful and I want to know many caracters and to make new addition I expect to do many activities and I want
participate in this activities so I think will happen there new activities
and to make discussion and to talking about our culture and to show our
tradition so I personally want to happen there I want to make all the
requirement in this encounter and I hope to be there distraction and to be
there participant in the opinions between my group and the group in Austria
this think reiforce the relation between the group.
2- I want to achieve there all my expectations and to do all the requrement
and I hope nothing bad happened there and I want to achieve there to show
the good things in our tradition in addition I want to learn and take home
from there all the good things and to recognize new caracters and culture
and culture and tradition because the culture differance and I hope to take
a good imperission.
3- i expect from the other participants and the students and the adults
such as my expectations so they will do all the things who demand from them
and to be there many activities and they will show their caracters and
culture this thing reiforce the relation between the four groups in addition
they expect to know and reconize new things such as - the culture and
tradition undubtedly we do not forget all the responsibles such as the
teachers who make many things in this encounter.
4-my personal cutribution to make this encounter successful I want to do
all the requirement and I hope to show our culture and traditoin so I will
take a good impression and I will want to learn new things from

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Shadi's expectations from summer-peacecamp 2005
Question Number "1"
I expect that I will enjoy every moment there and I guess that I will meet the new group from the first days because it looks so interesting with the Austrian & Slovenian… and I hope to know about Slovenian people, because I don't know anything about them so this is a chance for me.

Question Number "2"
I wanna hear different opinions and points of view. I want to know about other traditions and cultures and to have a new friends from Austria and Slovenia and also Israel!

Question Number "3"
I expect from the other participants to hear and to respect my opinions.

Question Number "4"
I think that good relations between us will make the encounter to hear and to left the real opinion of everybody will make us more closer to the other.

Matani Shadi

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Keren's expectations from summer peacecamp 2005
actually I don’t have any specific expectations but I do want to have fun and hopefully make some new friends…! What would happen there is, for sure arguments ans learning to know and respect each other… there aren’t really things that I want to achieve and I would like to take home with me is a great experience and great memories! 3. I really expect us (all) to respect everybody no matter what they think or say and to be nice to each other even though we don’t really “like” him\her… 4. as for me I will participate in every activity… and I’ll try to express my personal opinions and creative side…

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Narmeena's expectations from summer-peacecamp 2005
1- What are your expectations this encounter? What do you think will happen
Every one comes to this encounter with his notions, ideas and his unique
Naturally, I expect to hear there various opinions and perceptions on the
discussed issues. Every participant will try to convince the others with his
opinion; some may agree with him, others may not. It depends on the argument
and the supporting details that every one will present in the discussion,
what's important, I personally want to make a change to the other
participants regarding the different issues that discussed.

2- Is there anything you would want to achieve there? What would you want
learn and take home from there?
I want to raise the awareness of the participants to the Arab of Israel
problems. Political, social and economic
I want to know a lot of things about the problems of other people who live
in different countries and how do they deal with them.

3- What do you expect from the other participants, students as well as
I expect from the other participants to understand my case and to be
sympathetic and to present me ways from their own experience dealing with
our common problems.

4- What will be your participate in all activities and try to develop
relationships with the other participants in order to get a better
understanding to their issues.

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Hannelore Kamper's expectations from summer peacecamp 2005
It is the first time that I take part in a peace camp. However, I have already got a lot of information what we are going to do in Rechberg.
There will be many interesting workshops and I think all our students are very creative, so these workshops will be a great success and much fun for both students and adults.

We are four different groups this time and I have never had the opportunity to meet people from the Arab or Israeli culture so far.
I hope I can learn a lot about the three different cultures and identities.

I am very optimistic about how things in this camp will develop. After having read all the participants' expectations I am convinced that we will make lots of positive experiences. Of course, we all have to be tolerant and accept different opinions.
I expect these 10 days to be a great enrichment in every respect.

If there should be any problems, I will try to help all participants, especially the students. In addition to that I hope I can win the participants' confidence.

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Jewish and Arab participants of the summer 2005-peacecamp meet in Israel

in front of Eden's home,
kibbutz gaash, june 11th, 2005

documentation of this meeting in:

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Lia's expectations from summer-peacecamp 2005
1. What are your expectations from this encounter? What do you think will happen there? What would you personally want to happen there?I think all the participants will have a lot of fun doing all the funny workshops, and it will also be very interesting to meet so many new people again…

2. Is there anything you would want to achieve there? What would you want to learn and take home from there?
I hope that I will win a lot of new friends, like in the first camps…
I really hope that we will become as good friends as the participants in the first camp!! And I am really confident that this will happen! ;)

3. What do you expect from the other participants, students as well as adults?
I don’t expect anything, I just hope that we will have a lot of fun during those 10 days…

4. What will be your personal contribution to make this encounter successful?
I will do everything that is possible to make this as great as the last camps and I really look forward to get to know all the participants!!

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Heidi's expectations from summer-peacecamp 2005
As some of you probably know it is not the first time for me to be a participant of the peace camp. I was able to participate in Rechber last year and I also had the great opportunity to travel to Israel this spring. Both peace camps were fabulous experiences for me and I do expect the next one - peace camp 2005 in Rechberg - will be so as well.

I hope to meet young people who are as open-minded, tolerant and committed as the former participants. I have already got to know a lot about Arab and Jewish culture, religion and history, which are main parts of their identities, however, I am sure there is much more for me to learn and so I am happy to be able to participate again.

Furthermore, I think it is a great advantage that this time also a group from Slovenia takes part. We live very close to each other, but in my opinion we know far too little about each other's identity.

I am ready to help or assist whenever or wherever help is needed. Above all, I am ready to be a good listener, particularly for the young participants.

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you (some of you again!),

Heidi (Austrian team)

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